Youth-Leader Magazine

in short:

YOUTH LEADER is the world’s hottest change-making medium. With the most mindblowing solutions already applied and ready for transfer for almost any problem you can imagine – we Are Ready for Utopia!!! – with the world’s most inspirational changemakers, the most fun, inspirational, informative video-clips, various action opportunities and action tools … equipping you with great stuff to inspire action in your own community, at events, in school -  yep, YL is the one medium to take right into schools at no cost, with amazing media, teaching tools, informal stuff to hack into conventional education and take schools and youth into the 21st century. Check out our stuff and the links about Education, Action etc. There’s tons of potentials in YL. More than you can imagine!


in detail:

Youth Leader is a dynamic, action-oriented ONLINE MAGAZINE network & community focusing on groundbreaking positive change initiatives, portraits, tools and more. Merging several world leading approaches in one inspiring medium, YL is built to include & amplify the creative power of people, groups and organizations.

In fact, it is the world premiere magazine on youth leadership. It is also the first one on full spectrum positive change. And we are the only multilingual one, to make these ground-breaking solutions available all over the planet. It’s the first one with all those super cool videos. And Games! We are the first one enabling massive participation, scaling and empowerment through online volunteers and launching national and local editions. And YL is definitely the very super rockin’ first one setting the missing link into schools – hey, who’s done that before?! So, this is a whole bunch of innovation in one mag, so it is worthwhile to check it out, connect, participate, and even learn to play it as an instrument for change – to transform Your Community!


To understand YL’s special spirit a little better, browse our STORIES & VIDEOS, meet our CONTENT PARTNERS, view our PROJECT BROCHURE … and definitely check out WHAT OUR READERS SAY.

There are many exciting, innovative ways of involvement – check our ACTION section and how to TEAM UP!   This is only the beginning!   We have many more features in the pipeline.



  1. Why?
  2. What’s so special ?
  3. Who are the partners?
  4. What does it do for me?
  5. How can I participate?
  6. What’s behind the UNESCO status?

1.)  Why?

We have so many amazing solutions, people, ideas to overcome all the grave problems we face – many on massive scale.   They are lauded, win awards, but remain practically invisible to the public.   If we just replicate, transfer, adapt them – we can create a wonderful world.   Truly, a global, peaceful, just and sustainable civilization.”

As you get to know these solutions, and the kind of people that are changing the world – inside themselves, and around them – this world will quickly unfold before your eyes and in your heart.”

“The more people become aware of the hidden dimension of global crisis and these examples to overcome them, people feel inspired, empowered, start sharing the vision, the knowledge, the contacts, and they join the community, the action – they start creating their own. This we know.”

“Key is to make these examples available to humankind in a lively way, capturing the essential, alive, fun spirit of the change-makers… give positive change and sustainability Living Faces, Living Voices, even Living Hands – for Action.”

“We need a mediumfor free - that taps into the power of online volunteerism, of participation and cooperation – by offering excellent win-win benefits for everyone.   In a format that bridges on- and offline, that empowers everyone to promote it at events, in public, in media, launch their own local editions, and even establish it in schools – the biggest multiplier to the young generation.   This we have created.”

And it is an awesome, fun adventure!


2.)  What’s so special?

  • YL presents the very best from the full spectrum of innovation, for massive change impact for a new civilization that works for all – and the people that drive them!
  • YL connects the very best of the global change movements with the people, in 12 languages, on various levels – global, continental, national, local.
  • YL’s massive vision for a positive change media culture gives our team a real kick
  • YL uses a fresh, exciting format,  outstanding videos, things you never thought possible – Positive News Media Culture at its best!
  • YL is fit for youth and school use; our materials offer outstanding content in fresh and exciting format, with many action links and participation opportunities. This is the most important, untapped, neglected sector of all!
  • YL quickly inspires a new worldview, global connectedness, lifestyle-change, self-development and action.
  • YL empowers through pratical ways and action-tools.
  • YL enables participation, and even self-organised action in the frame of YL, incl the launch of editions, outreach activities, upgrading workshops, conferences and campaigns.
  • YL establishes new ways for cooperation between civil society, academia, citizens, youth, institutions, business, media etc.
  • YL supports creative initiatives by our team, partners and readers; this includes great stuff that you or your organization do (if it fits into our views of positive change), backed by our global backbone, content, tools, status and network.
  • YL runs on 100% change spirit; * by true spirits, fully committed to positive change; * is independent, global and omnicultural, * is uniquely networked across disciplines, environments and groups; * is non-corruptible

It is obvious that most media do only one or a few of these. YL’s powerful combination reflects in massive team growth, inspired reader feedback, off-spring editions and collateral impacts through YL-inspired school projects, workshops, events and initiatives.

3.) Who are the Partners ?

YL is independent, non-denominational, non-political and not-for-profit.

YL is hosted by Positive Nett-Works Association, a registered charity organisation in Germany.  Positive Nett-Works is a bunch of cultural creative idealists doing what they like to do, in friendly cooperation with many nice, open-minded world changing friends.

YL features our own articles and content from our selection of outstanding thinkers, institutions, change-making groups… some tuned to our style, some as we find it.   We have informal agreements for Content Partnership for sharing this valuable content with the world while linking to the sources.
You find some of these @ About > Content Partners


4.) What does it do for Me ?

pls. view About > Reader Feedback and Action


5.) How can I participate ?

pls. view Team Up!


6.)  What about the UNESCO  status ?

We are not UNESCO. We are independent. We connect positive change into education. And that’s awesome!

There are several reasons why we believe in connecting especially Young People with the Very Best Change Knowledge that Humankind has to offer.

  • Youth feel the bad things in the world.
  • Youth’s ethics withstand compromise through mentally fabricated arguments.
  • Youth want change, and can dream.
  • Youth feel inspiration and enjoy community.
  • Young minds are still free to evolve a new, sustainable worldview and lifestyle habits.
  • Youth are mentally flexible and have the time to learn.
  • Youth have the time to practice action.
  • Youth are accessible on huge scale – through the internet and through schools!
  • Youth will love to do meaningful stuff at school and so do many educators

Hardly anyone has achieved designing a powerful link into schools. We have.  As you browse YL, you will find many ways for connecting into schools, and thereby connecting the young generation on a massive scale.

Since the biggest, easiest and least tapped multiplier space for reaching young people is schools worldwide, we have designed YL Magazine at the crossroads of civil society, sciences, citizenship, youth, media and education.   In easy, attractive format to take cutting edge change-making knowledge and action INTO SCHOOLS.

These things should of course be taught in schools! Since this implies an  altogether  new Learning Culture, the United Nations have launched the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development 2005-2014.   It serves to promote ESD in schools, the development of new curricula etc.


The UNITED NATIONS Decade of Education for Sustainable Development

UNESCO is in charge of implementing the Decade, globally.   Its national offices give official recognition to projects of EXCEPTIONAL VALUE for promoting ESD and Sustainability Learning.

In the frame of the Decade, YL has been awarded quadruple status as Official Project of the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development 2005-2014.   With special mention of its outstanding quality for nurturing Informal Learning, the high level of Youth Participation, its Innovative Ways of creating Access and Interaction, its global Connectedness, Cooperations and Impacts, its Scalability…”.


The UN Decade and Use of YL in Schools

This fact empowers any caring child, youth, student, educator or parent to connect with us, use YL in class, promote its Teaching Tools to teachers, set up a Positive News Board (wall newspaper display) in school – to make the world’s best knowledge for Sustainable Development available to all students and teachers.

Setting up a Positive News Board, for example, takes only 15 minutes, every one or two weeks.   Available daily, it will naturally change the way young people see the world (see Reader Feedback).   It will open amazing doors to those eager for change.   It enables excellent new learning topics and actions, connecting with avantgarde learning programs and campaigns…

Done right, it will inspire discussion, community-building and action!   To the point of launching Local Editions powered by youth – in and out of schools!   You can find out more in the Take Action section.